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SMS gate features


  • sending and receiving SMS messages to any mobile network
  • delivery confimation handling feature
  • long SMS message support
  • bulk SMS sending
  • answered SMS routing memory
  • rules for incoming SMS routing
  • option to set up the limits for sent messages
  • possibility of link to customer's CRM
  • support for diacritic removal during SMS conversion
  • customization according to customer's needs


Enables comfortable SMS sending and receiving from user's PC via e-mail client.The user will send SMS by sending an e-mail to address (example). Information about succesfull or unsuccesfull SMS delivery is received by e-mail message. If the recipient will reply sent message, then this answer is delivered to sender's e-mail address (SMS response routing memory function).

  • any e-mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Lotus Notes) is supported
  • user's identification via the e-mail address
  • user is authored by certificate or IP address of sender's SMTP server
  • full consistency with service's web interface - send and received messages are available by web interface as well (message history)


All functions and SMS gate settings are available through web interface, uniform for users and administrators.

  • secured access by username, password and HTTPS connection
  • message history with detailed search (sent time, delivery confirmation received time, repeated delivery attempts)
  • shared directory contacts access and management
  • access to service settings
  • tools for import and export of SMS messages and contacts from bulk sending tool (contacts from address book or import from CSV)
  • limits of sent SMS for users/group/customer, options to set SMS amount per hour/day/week/month



Provides communication interface for SMS gate connection with customer's information system.

  • three variants of communication interface with possibility of customization according to customer's needs
  • compatible with O2 SMS Connector
  • support for PUSH calling method for instant SMS forwarding to customer's information system
  • detailed description of API

For TELCO operators

  • custom design according to corporate identity
  • possibility to run the service under own domain
  • integration with Self Care systems or other web applications

Functions and features

sending and receiving SMS messages to any mobile network
long SMS splitting
delivery confirmation handling
SMS response routing memory
rules for incoming SMS routing
Eastern Europe chracters support
support for diacritic removal during SMS conversion
option to set up the limits for sent messages
sending and receivig SMS via e-mail client
handlig of e-mail messages in TXT or HTML format
automated sender signature removal option
web interface for SMS receiving and sending
shared contact addressbook with groups and search support
SMS history and statistics
searching in history with various filters (from, to, date etc)
import and export of contacts with contact groups support
user account management and settings
bulk SMS with the same text sending
bulk SMS with various text sending
SMS history export with support of filtered selection
scheduled SMS sending
SMS cue administration
linked with customer's CRM - HTTP/s GET/POST
linked with customer's CRM - HTTP/s SOAP (Web Services)
linked with customer's CRM - HTTP/s upload/download CSV
  • SMS gate is running in cloud for its high availability.
  • The performance of SMS gate can be increased or decreased at any time, without service interruption.
  • Thanks to database backend our SMS gate offers full transaction processing, high performance and reliability.

SMS costs and telephone number choice are fully under customer's control. The customer is just lending his SIM cards for IPSMS service traffic.

Technical specification

Long SMS supportyesNetwork protocolsTCP, HTTP, HTTPs, SMTP, SMTPs
Delivery reportingyesIPv6 supportyes
Short SMS lenght160 ASCII characters or 70 characters with diacriticsCharacter sets for e-mailASCII, CP-1250, ISO 8859-1, ISO 8859-2, UTF-8
Long SMS lenghtaccording to settings, max. 255 short SMSE-mail authenticationIP address, SMTP certificate, S/MIME certificate
Max. amount of SIM cardsmax. 256Supported browsers all current versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome
Sending speed
600/hour nebo 400/hour incl. delivery reports *)